Neuroscience and Visual Art Lecture by AAEF President - 2019

Neuroscience and Visual Art: The Complex Relationship of Light, Color and the Brain was a lecture presented by AAEF President Dr. Aziz Shaibani at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This was a Rothko Chapel offsite lecture  during the chapel's renovation.

AAEF President Dr. Shaibani Receives ACC Award

At its 2017 Gala, the Arab-American Cultural and Community Center in Houston gave a humanitarian award for service to Dr. Aziz Shaibani, AAEF President.

Lecture by Dr. Aziz Al Azmeh - 2017

 The Arab America Educational Foundation presents a lecture by Dr. Aziz Al-Azmeh, Professor of History and Islamic Studies: "Secularism, Sectarianism, and the Arab Upheavals," moderated by AAEF President Dr. Aziz Shaibani.

AAEF President Dr. Shaibani Lecture at HMNS - 2017

 Dr. Shaibani gave a lecture on Brain Science and Visual Art at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Reception for Chair of Modern Arab History - 2015

Over 150 guests celebrated the installation of the first Chair of Modern  Arab Studies at the University of Houston Alumni and Athletic Center on  April 10, 2015. Abdel Razzaq Tikriti, D.Phil., was selected to be the first  academician to hold the Chair. Remarks were made by Dr. Aziz Shaibani,  President of the Arab-American Educational Foundation, Dr. Steve Craig,  Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Emran  Al-Badawi, PhD, Director of the Arab Studies Program. 

Shawki Kassis Lecture on Christian Arabs - 2015

Dr. Kassis lectured about Christian Arabs at Rice University

Journalist Robert Fisk Lecture - 2014

Journalist Robert Fisk gave a lecture at Rice University on the situation in Syria.

Ussama Makdisi Lecture on Sectarianism - 2014

The professor and AAEF Chair of Arab Studies at Rice University gave a lecture at Rice University on Sectarianism in the Middle East.

Introduction of Marcel Khalife - 2012

Rothko Board member Joyce Testa Salhoot introduced musician Marcel Khalife at his lecture in April 2012.

U of H Chair Endowment Campaign - 2012

In 2012, the AAEF produced this video about the history of Arab-American contributions as part of the launching of our campaign to endow a Chair of Modern Arab History at the University of Houston.

Lecture by Marcel Khalife at Rothko Chapel - 2012

Musician Marcel Khalife gave a lecture in April 2012 at Rothko Chapel.

Q& A for Lecture by Marcel Khalife at Rothko Chapel - 2012

Musician Marcel Khalife spoke at Rothko Chapel in Houston in April 2012. This video is the Question and Answer portion

Journalist Anthony Shadid at Rice University - 2011

The late journalist gave a talk titled "What My Eyes Can See: Covering the Arab Revolution" in a lecture in October 2011.

Poet Adonis - Introduction - 2010

Rothko Chapel Executive Director Emilee Dawn Whitehurst and Rothko Board Member and AAEF President Aziz Shaibani introduce the great poet Adonis.

Poet Adonis - Introduction Part 2

Dr. Shaibani continues his introduction of the poet Adonis.

Poet Adonis - The Need for an Arab Revival - 2010

View the video of the special poetry reading at Rothko Chapel that was held on October 20, 2010. Adonis is a pioneering poet, born in Syria, who has written several collections of poetry. His work broke new ground with its basis on secular and scientific philosophies. For more information about Adonis, see