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View this eight-minute video highlighting our major achievements. We established two chairs of Arab studies in one city, an achievement made possible by generous community donations and strong support from the academic leaders of Rice University and the University of Houston. 

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About Us



Dr. Aziz Shaibani is the President, leading a dedicated board of 15 Directors. A distinguished Advisory Board provides valuable counsel. Our most recent achievement was the March 2019 agreement with the University of Houston to establish a Center for Arab Studies.

Our History


 The Arab-American Educational Foundation, Inc. (AAEF) was established in Houston in 1985 as a non-profit organization. We have produced many educational events and became the only organization in the country to establish two chairs of Arab studies at different universities in the same city: at Rice University and the University of Houston. These achievements have been made possible by generous donations from the Arab-American community.

Our Mission


 We exist to promote understanding of Arab culture, history, and language, through the endowment of university chairs and the sponsoring of academic  programs, lecture series, cultural performances, scholarships, and research. The AAEF has no political or religious affiliation, and depends solely on the generosity of its donors. 

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